All India Law Teachers Congress  
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All India Law Teachers Congress
All India Law Teachers Congress
All India Law Teachers Congress
All India Law Teachers Congress
All India Law Teachers Congress
AILTC President Message
Friends and Colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the fold of All India Law Teachers Congress (AILTC). I am sure you know, the Congress came into existence by the pioneering effort of its founder President, Professor A.K.Koul, presently Vice- Chancellor, National Law University, Jodhpur. As you know, the AILTC is about 14 years of age, and its membership is growing over the years. I am happy about this swelling membership of the Congress, thanks to the overwhelming support of the members of AILTC.

Friends, the All India Law Teachers Congress (AILTC) is regularly holding its annual meetings and is organizing the annual Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on various subjects of law. I am overwhelmingly happy that our members are travelling from far away places to attend such meetings.

Even though, funding has always been a problem, yet we have been successful to manage these events. I am also grateful to various law colleges and Universities, who have collaborated with us in the past in organizing such important enterprises. I would particularly mention National Law University, Jodhpur, NALSAR Hyderabad, Rohtak Law School, Delhi University, Faculty of Law, and Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi. I pretty well hope that such cooperation will be forthcoming to AILTC in future also.

Friends and Colleagues, I am glad to inform you that through this website, it is hoped that the members will immediately come to know about its programs and activities. This site will give an opportunity to the members to correspond with each other and circulate their views on different fields of law. Needless to say, this has become an absolute necessity at the present moment. I request you to kindly circulate to our web master all your information, so that he puts it on the site. You can even have an e-mailing address of AILTC website. I also request you to help us in regularly updating this website.

I assure you all cooperation from our side.

With many regards,

Professor J.L.Kaul
Campus Law Center
Faculty of Law
University of Delhi


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